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2021-12-29: How to Find ALIEN Dyson Spheres

  • 07:31: Two pure thermal spectra would be stitched into one weird spectrum with too little light at visible wavelengths and too much at infrared wavelengths.
  • 09:20: At visible wavelengths a star’s color might not change much - it’ll just look dimmer.

2017-02-15: Telescopes of Tomorrow

  • 02:06: Compare two shots from Hubble-- this taken in visible wavelengths, this in infrared.
  • 05:21: But GMT is built to explore visible wavelengths, just like Hubble.

2017-01-04: How to See Black Holes + Kugelblitz Challenge Answer

  • 04:09: At visible wavelengths, this should look like a brightening of the star, an effect called microlensing.

2016-08-24: Should We Build a Dyson Sphere?

  • 00:53: ... only as strange points of infrared lights but otherwise black at visible wavelengths. ...
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