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2022-11-23: How To See Black Holes By Catching Neutrinos

  • 12:30: The future of neutrino astronomy is bright, and it’s hard to even guess what we’ll learn as we slowly build our neutrino map of space time.

2022-11-09: What If Humanity Is Among The First Spacefaring Civilizations?

  • 13:08: ... if we could see grabby aliens in our skies, the aliens must be moving slowly, since they are in our neighborhood but haven’t reached us ...

2022-10-12: The REAL Possibility of Mapping Alien Planets!

  • 10:07: ... an Einstein ring   will be visible for years of travel time, slowly expanding outwards as we get further from the Sun.   Remember that the ...

2022-06-22: Is Interstellar Travel Impossible?

  • 13:42: But it turns out there’s nothing in principle stopping us from slowly limping from one planetary system to the next.

2022-06-15: Can Wormholes Solve The Black Hole Information Paradox?

  • 01:40: ... we thought. They radiate, and this Hawking radiation causes them to slowly evaporate.   But that means that all the information  ...

2022-05-18: What If the Galactic Habitable Zone LIMITS Intelligent Life?

  • 02:52: ... and didn't   let him go until he promised to move more  slowly across the sky. Little did the Maori   know that Earth's days ...
  • 03:40: ... around the protostar.   Heavier elements clumped together and slowly grew into planets - the smaller ones became terrestrial   ...

2022-03-23: Where Is The Center of The Universe?

  • 13:11: ... which proposes that our universe is just one bubble of relatively slowly expanding space embedded within an unthinkably colossal region of ...

2022-03-08: Is the Proxima System Our Best Hope For Another Earth?

  • 14:56: But there’s another white star on the horizon,  but it’s slowly slipping away on its own orbit around the Milky Way.

2022-02-23: Are Cosmic Strings Cracks in the Universe?

  • 05:59: ... the boundary tried to rotate to line up. This led to textures of slowly shifting phase angles across   the universe. But if multiple ...
  • 10:09: ... waves. In this way cosmic strings  shed energy, and so they slowly decay away.   Eventually they vanish as the Higgs field ...

2021-11-02: Is ACTION The Most Fundamental Property in Physics?

  • 09:56: ... lead to constructive interference only where this quantum action varied slowly - near it’s stationary points, just like with classical ...

2021-08-03: How An Extreme New Star Could Change All Cosmology

  • 02:13: ... should their remnant cores. That spin should also increase as the core slowly collapses under its own gravitational crush due to conservation of ...
  • 08:29: ... star or a black hole. But If you already have a white dwarf and then slowly add more mass it’ll explode as a type 1a ...
  • 09:18: ... If two white dwarfs are orbiting each other, we expect them to slowly spiral together because they emit gravitational radiation that saps away ...
  • 13:13: ... of years, heavy isotopes - nuclei with more neutrons than protons, will slowly sink, or sediment, to the core. These nuclei are more susceptible to ...

2021-07-21: How Magnetism Shapes The Universe

  • 10:44: Their material tends to spill into the space around the galaxy before slowly raining back in, where it can be used for new star formation.
  • 12:23: ... and we see them through the radio light emitted by electrons that spiral slowly in these vast ...

2021-06-09: Are We Running Out of Space Above Earth?

  • 02:59: In fact the Kessler Syndrome is already playing out - albeit a lot more slowly.
  • 04:24: It produces a drag that causes orbits to slowly decay.
  • 08:45: Very slowly for the highest orbits, quite quickly for the lowest.

2021-05-25: What If (Tiny) Black Holes Are Everywhere?

  • 01:01: He showed that black holes must radiate, and so slowly leak away their mass in what we now call Hawking radiation.
  • 03:20: Such a black hole would appear very cold, and would leak away its energy very slowly.

2021-04-07: Why the Muon g-2 Results Are So Exciting!

  • 07:29: They have a different g-factor because there are slowly different ways that the muon can interact with the quantum fields.

2021-02-24: Does Time Cause Gravity?

  • 02:42: Things closer to the Earth move through time more slowly.

2021-02-10: How Does Gravity Warp the Flow of Time?

  • 03:17: But to do that I need to give you a quick refresher on regular old time dilation, which tells us moving clocks must appear to tick slowly.
  • 07:27: In the twin paradox, the twin traveling to a nearby star and back has aged less even though both could see the other’s clock ticking slowly.
  • 11:14: So that photon clocks and matter do evolve more slowly in gravitational fields.

2021-01-26: Is Dark Matter Made of Particles?

  • 05:16: Now, based on how that structure did end up forming, it seems likely that dark matter was moving pretty slowly.

2021-01-19: Can We Break the Universe?

  • 01:09: ... tells us that the clocks on the spaceship will appear to tick more slowly from the point of view of a stationary observer back on the ...
  • 01:35: That means it sees clocks back on the Earth ticking more slowly, and the Earth and the distance traveled being squished.

2020-12-15: The Supernova At The End of Time

  • 06:54: They start out hot and bright, but with no capacity to generate new energy, they slowly radiate away the heat of their youth.
  • 08:29: ... process is called pycnonuclear fusion - and it will very VERY slowly convert the Sun’s core from carbon into the most stable form of matter - ...

2020-08-17: How Stars Destroy Each Other

  • 04:02: ... cataclysmic variables must slowly build up their hydrogen layer, sputtering and flaring as they do so, ...
  • 08:23: The neutron star’s jets sweep it hundreds of times per second, slowly blasting away its gas.
  • 09:47: The rest stays with the white dwarf, which slowly grows in mass.

2020-06-30: Dissolving an Event Horizon

  • 05:52: So that means a massive CHARGED black hole will slowly leak away its mass while retaining its charge.
  • 06:25: So naked singularities don’t Hawking-radiate, and extremal black holes radiate only very slowly.

2020-05-27: Does Gravity Require Extra Dimensions?

  • 02:53: ... would just be inversely proportional to radius - it would drop off more slowly. ...

2020-04-07: How We Know The Earth Is Ancient

  • 06:47: ... decay at an ever-decreasing rate. And that some of those elements would slowly leak that energy over thousands or even millions of years. We now know ...

2020-01-06: How To Detect a Neutrino

  • 08:54: ... ♪ with anti-neutrinos oscillating between the three different types more slowly than matter ...

2019-10-21: Is Time Travel Impossible?

  • 11:04: ... time and prevent yourself being born – no problem - your photo doesn’t slowly fade away because you were still born in that other ...
  • 12:16: For now we seem doomed to time travel only forwards, and very slowly at that.

2019-09-30: How Many Universes Are There?

  • 01:42: Within each bubble we get a new Big Bang that kicks off a more slowly expanding universe.

2019-09-16: Could We Terraform Mars?

  • 03:54: The unprotected and loosely bound Martian atmosphere may have been slowly shaved away by that wind over billions of years.

2019-09-03: Is Earth's Magnetic Field Reversing?

  • 04:48: The interior of the Earth is cooling down very slowly, which means the liquid outer core is freezing into the solid inner core.

2019-08-19: What Happened Before the Big Bang?

  • 04:35: ... towards a deeper valley In that case, the field strength would very slowly roll down that ...
  • 04:52: As it did, the energy would drop very very slowly.

2019-08-06: What Caused the Big Bang?

  • 10:59: ... predicts: An extremely hot dense ocean of matter and radiation that slowly cools and disperses and forms structure as the universe ...

2019-06-17: How Black Holes Kill Galaxies

  • 07:21: ... years after the big bang the rate of star formation across the Universe slowly rose it became concentrated in the most denser region of the Universe ...

2019-06-06: The Alchemy of Neutron Star Collisions

  • 02:47: ... orbit perhaps twin remnants of a once binary pair of massive stars they slowly spiral towards each other as a gravitational radiation saps their ...

2019-03-06: The Impossibility of Perpetual Motion Machines

  • 07:08: Even if that heat is recaptured, the outer walls of even the most carefully isolated system must radiate, slowly leaking energy.
  • 07:17: And then of course there’s the gravitational radiation that will slowly sap the “perpetual motion” of celestial systems.

2019-01-30: Perpetual Motion From Negative Mass?

  • 02:35: ... objects get pulled more strongly by gravity, they also accelerate more slowly. ...

2018-08-23: How Will the Universe End?

  • 00:27: ... atoms of hydrogen fuel and settle quietly into a dim white dwarf before slowly fading to black as it radiates away its remaining ...
  • 01:05: In fact, our universe will spend almost all of its infinite time in darkness, slowly crawling towards maximum entropy and ultimate heat death.
  • 07:44: They slowly leak away their mass as a cool heat [INAUDIBLE] of random particles for the most part faint radio light.

2018-07-18: The Misunderstood Nature of Entropy

  • 02:20: However, an inefficient engine will slowly deplete the difference in temperature, reducing the heat flow, and the engine winds down.

2018-05-09: How Gaia Changed Astronomy Forever

  • 03:32: We also see the full sequence of faint white dwarfs, showing the paths they follow as they slowly fade into blackness.

2018-05-02: The Star at the End of Time

  • 02:36: Stars less massive than the Sun burn through their fuel much more slowly.
  • 06:14: It will slowly radiate away its internal heat for another several billion years before turning black.

2018-04-25: Black Hole Swarms

  • 05:44: X-ray binaries likely spend most of the time in a quieter phase, with the gas just trickling slowly from the companion star.

2018-03-28: The Andromeda-Milky Way Collision

  • 00:57: That faint blob will slowly grow to around half again its current size over the next two billion years.

2018-03-15: Hawking Radiation

  • 02:15: And so the black hole itself pays the debt by slowly leaking away its mass.
  • 07:57: Large black holes should appear cold, radiating excruciatingly slowly.

2018-03-07: Should Space be Privatized?

  • 12:04: ... stars consume their fuel thousands of times more slowly than the sun, which means they can live hundreds of times longer, even ...

2018-02-21: The Death of the Sun

  • 04:27: The core continues to shrink slowly, even as it gains mass from the shell.

2018-01-24: The End of the Habitable Zone

  • 00:25: The sun is slowly burning through its fuel.

2017-08-16: Extraterrestrial Superstorms

  • 04:28: But five billion years later, that collapse continues, albeit very slowly.

2017-04-05: Telescopes on the Moon

  • 07:41: They'll coat it with 50 to 100 nanometers of silver, which will solidify on the slowly flowing surface.

2017-02-22: The Eye of Sauron Reveals a Forming Solar System!

  • 02:38: The protostar continues to collapse more slowly until eventually the core gets hot and dense enough to ignite in fusion.

2016-11-16: Strange Stars

  • 08:23: A possible explanation is that a quark matter core formed at the heart of this neutron star and is slowly transforming into strange matter.

2016-08-10: How the Quantum Eraser Rewrites the Past

  • 11:42: And one of these passing through the solar system would only be dangerous if it was moving slowly enough, and if it came very close to the Earth.

2016-07-27: The Quantum Experiment that Broke Reality

  • 04:44: ... to land at a single spot on the screen but fire many electrons and they slowly build up the same sort of interference ...

2016-07-06: Juno to Reveal Jupiter's Violent Past

  • 05:46: ... interacted with the surrounding disk, and, in fact, they would then have slowly migrated back outwards until Jupiter reached its current ...

2016-05-25: Is an Ice Age Coming?

  • 07:50: Then it would build up year after year, slowly creeping south.

2016-05-18: Anti-gravity and the True Nature of Dark Energy

  • 05:39: ... moving quickly compared to a region where the particles are moving more slowly, even if the overall energy density of those regions is the same Positive ...

2016-04-13: Will the Universe Expand Forever?

  • 03:53: ... speed that would allow the future expansion rate of the universe to slowly grind to a halt over infinite ...

2016-03-23: How Cosmic Inflation Flattened the Universe

  • 04:03: ... like rolling your ball really, really slowly and having it stay within 0.4 of a percent of the center of the alley, ...

2016-03-16: Why is the Earth Round and the Milky Way Flat?

  • 08:49: These things are so huge and spread out, they barely fuel their own gravity, and they collapse very, very slowly.
  • 08:56: They also start out spinning very slowly, but that spin speeds up as they collapse, just like a spinning ice skater.

2016-02-17: Planet X Discovered?? + Challenge Winners!

  • 07:12: ... from us due to the expansion of the universe appear to die away far more slowly due to the combined effect of time dilation and the Doppler ...

2016-01-13: When Time Breaks Down

  • 07:03: In a fast moving object, the interactions driving this evolution appears to happen more slowly.
  • 07:09: Time passes more slowly.

2015-11-18: 5 Ways to Stop a Killer Asteroid

  • 05:53: The sun's light will push harder on the more reflective side, slowly pushing it just far enough off course to miss us.

2015-11-11: Challenge: Can you save Earth from a Killer Asteroid?

  • 01:03: ... hover just in front of the asteroid and act as a gravitational tractor, slowly increasing the asteroid speed by the mutual gravitational attraction ...

2015-09-30: What Happens At The Edge Of The Universe?

  • 07:12: ... the origin of cosmic inflation suggest that our universe may just be a slowly expanding bubble in an exponentially infinitely-inflating ...

2015-06-24: The Calendar, Australia & White Christmas

  • 04:40: ... is also slowly spinning down due to its interactions with the moon, so that the mean ...

2015-04-01: Is the Moon in Majora’s Mask a Black Hole?

  • 06:13: You could start with a more massive and larger black hole and just let it evaporate slowly.
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