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2020-07-28: What is a Theory of Everything: Livestream

  • 00:00: ... things perfectly it was ultimately wrong because it didn't include relativistic effects but you know we become sufficiently humble in physics now anyway to ...

2020-03-24: How Black Holes Spin Space Time

  • 11:31: ... rotation. If we happen to be along the paths of one of these jets, relativistic effects massively magnify its brightness. We see these as gamma ray bursts from ...

2016-05-18: Anti-gravity and the True Nature of Dark Energy

  • 05:17: Instead, the overall effect of pressure on the curvature of space time is a purely relativistic effect.
  • 09:01: Again, this is due to its relativistic effect.
  • 09:14: But even though the negative pressure has no direct effect, it has its relativistic effect.
  • 09:29: The relativistic effective of negative pressure is actually really, really hard to describe intuitively.

2015-07-02: Can a Circle Be a Straight Line?

  • 09:25: Indigo said that tracking time in the future might become a challenge if you have to consider relativistic effects.
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