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2022-10-19: The Equation That Explains (Nearly) Everything!

  • 12:39: ... picks up mass from the Higgs field, and it's pretty much the same as regular matter, as far as we ...

2022-09-14: Could the Higgs Boson Lead Us to Dark Matter?

  • 05:10: In the LHC we smash together particles of regular matter, like protons or heavier nuclei.

2022-08-17: What If Dark Energy is a New Quantum Field?

  • 02:31: ... regular attractive gravity due to its positive energy density, just like regular matter and energy do. But the effect of its negative pressure is more powerful, ...
  • 03:33: ... have any real effect in places where there’s even a smattering of regular matter - like inside our solar system, or even inside our galaxy. But if you ...

2021-11-10: What If Our Understanding of Gravity Is Wrong?

  • 10:44: Regular matter was kept from collapsing into  any structures by the pressure of the intense radiation of that era.
  • 10:58: ... after the universe had expanded and cooled  enough for regular matter to be released from the clutch of light, it could have followed the dark ...
  • 11:12: But if dark matter isn’t real, and regular matter controls gravity completely, then no structure should have been able to form at those early times.

2021-04-13: What If Dark Matter Is Just Black Holes?

  • 01:39: ... 80% of the mass of the universe, but it’s much more spread out than regular matter - for example, in our galaxy it forms a vast halo around twice the ...

2020-10-27: How The Penrose Singularity Theorem Predicts The End of Space Time

  • 05:01: ... This is gravitational lensing. Gravitational  fields produced by regular matter   always produce this convergence. It would take negative mass or ...

2020-07-08: Does Antimatter Explain Why There's Something Rather Than Nothing?

  • 02:51: ... symmetric, we expect it to treat antimatter in exactly the same way as regular matter. ...
  • 06:00: ... anti-protons can be created in particle accelerators - just by smashing regular matter together. The problem is, antimatter immediately annihilates with any ...

2019-05-09: Why Quantum Computing Requires Quantum Cryptography

  • 15:27: Occasional dark matter particles would be snared by black holes - and they would add to its mass just like regular matter.

2019-03-28: Could the Universe End by Tearing Apart Every Atom?

  • 03:05: ... act to decelerate the universe to cause it to recollapse. In fact for regular matter the effective density is much higher than the effective pressure the ...

2019-02-20: Secrets of the Cosmic Microwave Background

  • 02:05: ... by gravity Regular matter, what we call baryons was in plasma form with the simple atomic nuclei ...

2019-01-16: Our Antimatter, Mirrored, Time-Reversed Universe

  • 03:02: ... means their nuclear magnetic fields point in the opposite direction to regular matter relative to their angular momentum the magnetic field in our clock will ...

2018-09-12: How Much Information is in the Universe?

  • 10:04: Just regular matter like protons, electrons, et cetera.

2018-03-28: The Andromeda-Milky Way Collision

  • 10:33: ... the fact that dark matter appears to distribute itself differently to regular matter but still comes together under gravity, for example, in the Bullet ...

2018-03-21: Scientists Have Detected the First Stars

  • 05:30: It doesn't interact with regular matter, except through gravity.

2017-10-25: The Missing Mass Mystery

  • 01:06: The remaining 5%, the light sector, represents all of the regular matter in the universe.
  • 10:22: ... it seems that most of the regular matter in our universe is spread out in the vastness of intergalactic space, ...
  • 11:39: And rather differently to regular matter, vacuum energy doesn't dilute in an expanding universe.

2017-07-07: Feynman's Infinite Quantum Paths

  • 11:28: In part, by describing antimatter as regular matter traveling backwards in time.

2017-06-21: Anti-Matter and Quantum Relativity

  • 09:34: Well, it's a vibration in the same quantum field as its regular matter counterpart.

2017-03-15: Time Crystals!

  • 02:29: In regular matter in equilibrium, statistical properties stay the same over time.
  • 05:43: This is sort of like the phase diagram of regular matter in which you plot pressure versus temperature.

2016-11-30: Pilot Wave Theory and Quantum Realism

  • 14:18: In fact, such strangelets may even convert any regular matter they come into contact to into strange matter.

2016-10-19: The First Humans on Mars

  • 09:29: Even a black hole made entirely from light, a kugelblitz, is the same thing as a black hole formed from regular matter.

2016-09-07: Is There a Fifth Fundamental Force? + Quantum Eraser Answer

  • 03:05: By that, I mean dark to electromagnetism and generally interacting with regular matter very little.

2016-05-18: Anti-gravity and the True Nature of Dark Energy

  • 05:25: See, high pressure from regular matter and energy means very fast-moving particles.
  • 06:47: The cosmological constant was designed to work in the opposite direction to regular matter and energy.
  • 07:17: ... our far future universe, regular matter will have diluted away and will only have the density and pressure due ...
  • 07:27: Now, the energy density of dark energy is positive, just like regular matter.
  • 07:33: It has to be, because dark energy helps regular matter flatten the geometry of the universe.

2016-05-11: The Cosmic Conspiracy of Dark Energy Challenge Question

  • 00:42: ... for some billions of years now, ever since it became large enough for regular matter to dilute away enough so that dark energy ...
  • 01:05: If you add up the energy in any large volume of space, about 70% of it is dark energy and the remaining 30% is in the form of regular matter.
  • 02:47: At the same time, the total amount of regular matter in any expanding region remains constant.
  • 05:01: And for the vast majority of future doublings, regular matter will have diluted away and be an infinitesimal influence compared to dark energy.
  • 05:29: ... for how many of those infinite future doublings will regular matter and energy have any significant effect-- again, at least 10% of the ...

2016-05-04: Will Starshot's Insterstellar Journey Succeed?

  • 09:06: But if dark energy diluted away, like regular matter does, that effect would diminish as the universe expanded.
  • 10:40: So dark energy only has an observable effect when its density is at least comparable to the density of regular matter.

2016-04-20: Why the Universe Needs Dark Energy

  • 07:38: As the universe expands, regular matter and energy get diluted away.
  • 08:04: ... the universe gets large enough, the density of regular matter will, at some point, drop below that of this vacuum energy, as described ...

2015-12-09: How to Build a Black Hole

  • 03:41: And by thing, I mean fermion, the particle type comprising all regular matter.

2015-09-23: Does Dark Matter BREAK Physics?

  • 06:10: There's no way there's enough regular matter to do that.
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