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2019-07-15: The Quantum Internet

  • 05:41: Think of it this way: Two people, let’s say Bill and Ted, are connected by a classical channel and a quantum channel.
  • 05:49: ... optic cable, a telephone wire, the Pony Express, whatever, while the quantum channel needs to carry intact quantum states - so it's probably fibre ...
  • 06:00: A pair of entangled particles are created, and Bill and Ted receive one each via the quantum channel.
  • 08:29: Just position repeaters along the quantum channel between Bill and Ted.
  • 08:33: ... copy of the original qubit C. In principle this can be done without the quantum channel ever becoming ...
  • 10:34: ... serve as repeaters to extend the range and connect a network of these quantum channels. ...
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