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2021-06-09: Are We Running Out of Space Above Earth?

  • 03:13: ... Kessler Syndrome is due to what we call a positive feedback cycle - that’s any process whose outcome tends to increase the rate of ...
  • 03:27: But a positive feedback process can be prevented from entering that exponential mode if it’s suppressed in some way.
  • 05:53: This is another positive feedback loop - orbital decay accelerates until the satellite finally burns in a glorious blaze of re-entry.

2016-06-08: New Fundamental Particle Discovered?? + Challenge Winners!

  • 07:02: However, the full effect takes longer, because it depends on positive feedback cycles.

2016-05-25: Is an Ice Age Coming?

  • 08:02: But they are enough to trigger positive feedback cycles.

2016-05-04: Will Starshot's Insterstellar Journey Succeed?

  • 09:33: It's a positive feedback cycle that leads to exponential expansion.
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