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2022-12-14: How Can Matter Be BOTH Liquid AND Gas?

  • 02:11: ... both temperature and pressure in the right proportions we follow the phase transition boundary between liquid and ...
  • 03:27: What does it even look like to transition between states without ever crossing a phase transition boundary?

2022-07-27: How Many States Of Matter Are There?

  • 10:14: But if you increase the people-density to around 5 per square meter or more, a phase transition occurs.
  • 10:50: Namely, lower the density when you see it’s approaching a phase transition.

2022-02-23: Are Cosmic Strings Cracks in the Universe?

  • 00:58: ... to convince you that they probably do exist, we need to understand phase transitions   in quantum fields - we need to see how a whole  universe can freeze ...

2021-08-18: How Vacuum Decay Would Destroy The Universe

  • 07:01: ... down into the true vacuum. This is vacuum decay. It’s a phase transition of the quantum fields.   In fact it has a lot of similarities ...

2021-02-17: Gravitational Wave Background Discovered?

  • 00:00: ... expansion and huge gravitational waves would have been produced in the phase transition that ended inflation all of these space-time tsunamis would be invisible ...

2020-11-18: The Arrow of Time and How to Reverse It

  • 10:58: ... the universe went thorugh another phase transition - a vacuum decay - then the weak interaction would fundamentally change ...

2020-09-21: Could Life Evolve Inside Stars?

  • 02:42: They form during the phase transition from liquid to solid.
  • 03:04: These may have been formed soon after the Big Bang when massive phase transitions swept across the universe.
  • 03:11: These transitions were analogous to the phase transitions between states of matter - for example, water freezing into ice.
  • 03:32: ... that more in the future, but for now the important thing is that these phase transitions could have resulted in different types of topological defects, just like ...

2020-07-28: What is a Theory of Everything: Livestream

  • 00:00: ... right around the moment of the big bang you know was it a first order phase transition for like electro weak symmetry breaking or was it something else and ...

2019-08-19: What Happened Before the Big Bang?

  • 06:09: These theories predict phase transitions in the behavior of fields as the temperature of the universe changes.

2019-08-06: What Caused the Big Bang?

  • 09:21: Introduce an ice crystal or even a speck of dust to the water and it will quickly turn to ice. Now, that's a phase transition.
  • 09:30: The inflaton field also undergoes a phase transition towards the new vacuum state.

2019-02-07: Sound Waves from the Beginning of Time

  • 05:22: We call this phase transition event: We call this phase transition event: Recombination.

2016-11-02: Quantum Vortices and Superconductivity + Drake Equation Challenge Answers

  • 00:21: These theoretical physicists pioneered work in the understanding of phase transitions of materials at temperatures close to absolute zero.
  • 00:31: The familiar phase transitions happen due to heating or cooling of a material.
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