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2022-10-12: The REAL Possibility of Mapping Alien Planets!

  • 06:05: ... distance  of Pluto, or well over 500 times the Earth’s   orbital radius. Around 550 “astronomical  units” or “AUs” in astronomer-speak. ...
  • 09:31: ... the Sun,   ideally at around a quarter of Mercury’s  orbital radius, assuming we can make the   things sufficiently heat resistant. ...

2022-03-08: Is the Proxima System Our Best Hope For Another Earth?

  • 06:18: Such a short orbital period, combined with the star’s mass, gave them an orbital radius for the exoplanet of around 20 times smaller than the Earth’s.

2017-09-28: Are the Fundamental Constants Changing?

  • 13:10: It would send a spacecraft to at least 550 times the Earth's orbital radius, out beyond the edge of the solar system.

2016-12-14: Escape The Kugelblitz Challenge

  • 05:55: Plan A is to build an infinitely-strong Dyson sphere surrounding the earth just outside the moon's orbital radius.
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