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2020-09-01: How Do We Know What Stars Are Made Of?

  • 00:28: ... stars are giant balls of fiery hydrogen and helium, powered by raging nuclear furnaces in their ...

2019-07-18: Did Time Start at the Big Bang?

  • 01:56: ... what we expect if the entire universe was a dense billions of degrees nuclear furnace for the first several minutes of its existence In fact, There's powerful ...

2019-06-06: The Alchemy of Neutron Star Collisions

  • 00:00: ... idea that most atomic nuclei in our bodies were created in the nuclear furnaces and explosive deaths of stars that lived in the ancient universe in ...

2018-08-01: How Close To The Sun Can Humanity Get?

  • 01:01: Powered by the giant nuclear furnace of its core.
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