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2020-09-21: Could Life Evolve Inside Stars?

  • 12:21: ... see a real problem with the excessive weight placed on the importance of mathematical beauty, by some, perhaps by many, in the theory-of-everything ...

2020-09-08: The Truth About Beauty in Physics

  • 00:20: ... don’t need to choose between beauty and truth - there’s this idea that mathematical beauty is a powerful guiding force towards truth - the more beautiful the ...
  • 03:13: Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, Einstein - each followed their own sense of mathematical beauty in this long quest to understand gravity.
  • 03:33: To understand that, we need to think about what mathematical beauty even means.
  • 07:44: Dirac’s most famous result came from exactly this pursuit of mathematical beauty.
  • 08:58: Nobel laureate physicist Frank Wilcek talks about a form of mathematical beauty that he calls the exuberance of a theory - its productivity.
  • 11:54: ... perhaps mathematical beauty and convergence DOES provide a reliable indicator that we’re moving in ...

2020-07-28: What is a Theory of Everything: Livestream

  • 00:00: ... from the pursuit of beauty leading physicist astray and pursuing mathematical beauty and elegance i don't think i've heard matt correct me if i'm wrong but ...

2018-11-07: Why String Theory is Right

  • 13:17: There's plenty of historical precedent for mathematical beauty leading to truth, but there's no fundamental principle that says it has to.
  • 13:30: Philosophical points to consider as we continue to follow the mathematical beauty hopefully towards an increasingly true representation of spacetime.
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