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2022-06-30: Could We Decode Alien Physics?

  • 07:38: ... using the left-hand rule by placing a minus sign in front of your magnetic force equation.   Well that minus sign can equally be ...

2021-10-05: Why Magnetic Monopoles SHOULD Exist

  • 03:46: If you add magnetic charges to these equations then you get a magnetic force that looks exactly like the electrostatic force.

2019-09-16: Could We Terraform Mars?

  • 18:29: ... magnetic force-shield isn't nearly as strong as Earth's, however, so our Venusian floating ...

2019-09-03: Is Earth's Magnetic Field Reversing?

  • 00:24: ... of magnetic force, forged by currents in the planet’s molten core, erupt from the surface ...
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