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2021-10-05: Why Magnetic Monopoles SHOULD Exist

  • 00:55: So if we cut this bar in half surely we get a pair of magnetic charges similar to our electric charges, right?
  • 01:11: ... doesn’t matter how many times you slice it - you’ll never get isolated magnetic charges - what we call magnetic ...
  • 02:12: If that’s true then, why should we even expect there to be isolated magnetic charges - magnetic monopoles?
  • 03:40: You could also have symmetry between these equations if there was such a thing as magnetic charge.
  • 03:46: If you add magnetic charges to these equations then you get a magnetic force that looks exactly like the electrostatic force.
  • 04:05: ... can’t exist except for the fact that James Clark Maxwell set the magnetic charge to zero because he didn’t believe it ...
  • 06:23: So make the width of the coil much smaller than the length, and it looks like two isolated magnetic charges.
  • 10:55: And it turns out these knots in the Higgs field in GUT theories behave as massive particles with magnetic charge - magnetic monopoles.
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