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2017-06-07: Supervoids vs Colliding Universes!

  • 03:41: Inoue and Silk in 2006 first proposed the cold spot could be the imprint of a supervoid via the so-called Integrated Sachs-Worlfe, or ISW, effect.
  • 03:54: The ISW effect is dark energy in action.
  • 04:53: The ISW effect would be tiny, in fact negligible, in a universe without dark energy.
  • 06:21: ... the combined ISW effect they calculated from all four voids should only have produced 32 ...
  • 06:53: G23's ISW effect is calculated to yield a 14 microkelvin drop in the CMB.
  • 07:07: So the control sample shows that calculating ISW effect can lead to a number that matches the true effect.
  • 07:51: ... the idea is that the calculation of the ISW effect, the effect of the voids, is lower than expected because we don't ...
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