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2020-09-28: Solving Quantum Cryptography

  • 05:16: For the full explanation, I’m going to point you to the episodes made by Infinite Series a while back.

2020-04-07: How We Know The Earth Is Ancient

  • 03:43: ... Hutton didn’t propose a beginning for the Earth - instead he assumed an infinite series of cycles. This was also the notion of the great German philosopher ...

2020-01-20: Solving the Three Body Problem

  • 12:21: ... was a converging infinite series that added together an endless chain of terms to solve the orbital ...

2019-05-09: Why Quantum Computing Requires Quantum Cryptography

  • 01:33: For the best description of classical internet cryptography … on the internet … head to Infinite Series.

2018-01-24: The End of the Habitable Zone

  • 13:03: ... really nice Gabe level work, you should check out our sister channel PBS "Infinite Series." It's a math channel when we're covering topics from topology to ...
  • 13:30: "Infinite Series" is pretty awesome and pretty hardcore.
  • 13:39: I mean, it sounds like you want to invite yourself over to "Infinite Series" to hang out where we have the good challenge questions.

2017-12-13: The Origin of 'Oumuamua, Our First Interstellar Visitor

  • 11:14: [INAUDIBLE] 777 asks, if you try to do a Fourier transform of PBS Space Time, do you get PBS infinite series?
  • 11:23: Actually, I think you need an infinite series of PBS Space Time to get a Space Time localization of PBS infinite series.

2017-01-19: The Phantom Singularity

  • 02:01: Guys, meet Kelsey Houston Edwards of the new PBS show, "Infinite Series." Hey, Kelsey.
  • 03:47: Guys, you should check out Kelsey's show "infinite Series," where she goes into much more depth on the nature of singularities.
  • 12:18: Be sure to check out the PBS "Infinite Series" episode dealing with earthly singularities right here.
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