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2020-01-13: How To Capture Black Holes

  • 02:50: ... of times the mass of the Sun. Recently we’ve also learned that the galactic center likely also contains a swarm of perhaps tens of thousands of ...
  • 03:34: ... together. Now binary black hole pairs surely do exist in the dense galactic center, but they may have trouble merging in such a dense environment. Regular ...
  • 04:08: ... is a little quasar. For the most part the supermassive black holes at galactic centers are, well, black. But occasionally gas from the surrounding galaxy will ...

2018-08-23: How Will the Universe End?

  • 05:49: Around 10 times longer still, and the entire megagalaxy will either have dispersed or fallen into the massive black hole at the galactic center.

2018-05-09: How Gaia Changed Astronomy Forever

  • 02:07: Coupled with its incredible position measurements, this enables Gaia to measure distances to stars as far away as the galactic center.

2018-04-25: Black Hole Swarms

  • 03:25: Gradually, it falls towards the galactic center.
  • 04:08: Because globular clusters are much more massive than a single black hole, they reach the galactic center a lot will quickly.
  • 06:11: They spotted 92 point-like X-ray sources within one parsec, or around three light years, of the galactic center.

2015-06-17: How to Signal Aliens

  • 05:07: So to signal aliens very far away near the galactic center, you'd still need high-powered microwaves.
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