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2022-03-08: Is the Proxima System Our Best Hope For Another Earth?

  • 12:50: ... not crazy, because planetary formation models indicate that there wouldn’t have been enough material so close to the ...

2018-02-14: What is Energy?

  • 13:30: Well, solar system formation models do indicate a scenario in which our sun may have swallowed some early terrestrial planets.

2017-12-13: The Origin of 'Oumuamua, Our First Interstellar Visitor

  • 06:28: In planet formation models, lots of chunks of matter, and even some planets, get ejected from the relatively violent protoplanetary disk.

2017-02-22: The Eye of Sauron Reveals a Forming Solar System!

  • 03:25: The leading formation model is core accretion, in which tiny granules are drawn together and clumped by static electricity.

2016-10-12: Black Holes from the Dawn of Time

  • 03:39: PBHs could have been formed at a few grams to tens of thousands of times the mass of the sun, depending on which formation model you go with.

2016-07-06: Juno to Reveal Jupiter's Violent Past

  • 05:03: It combines two of the strongest contenders of formation models.
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