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2022-12-08: How Are Quasiparticles Different From Particles?

  • 11:07: Ideally that first electron is part of an electric current, so it moves along.

2022-10-26: Why Did Quantum Entanglement Win the Nobel Prize in Physics?

  • 09:42: ... quartz is vibrating, and that vibration can be turned on and off with an electric current. ...

2021-10-05: Why Magnetic Monopoles SHOULD Exist

  • 01:51: ... around in a circle In both cases - electron spin or or a circular electric current there’s a sense of electric charge in ...
  • 06:14: ... you build a solenoid - just a coil carrying an electric current - you get a dipole field whose connecting field lines are constrained ...
  • 12:36: ... it wouldn’t be too hard to spot - for example a monopole would excite an electric current if passed through a conducting ...

2021-07-21: How Magnetism Shapes The Universe

  • 02:43: ... if that charge already has a circular motion - for example the electric current in an electromagnet, or the aligned electron spins in a ferromagnet, ...

2019-08-06: What Caused the Big Bang?

  • 05:45: ... For example, a magnetic field will quickly fade away if we take away the electric currents that created ...

2018-08-15: Quantum Theory's Most Incredible Prediction

  • 03:06: ... by charges moving in circles, for example, a loop of wire with an electric current or the planet Earth with its dynamo ...

2018-05-16: Noether's Theorem and The Symmetries of Reality

  • 07:54: This symmetry leads to the conservation of electric charge and electric current.

2017-09-28: Are the Fundamental Constants Changing?

  • 05:22: They have magnetic fields, just like a little bar magnet, or electric currents rotating in a ring even though there is no actual rotation.

2017-08-10: The One-Electron Universe

  • 03:45: Well, moving charged particles also produce a current-- an electric currents.

2016-11-30: Pilot Wave Theory and Quantum Realism

  • 15:06: With their extreme rotation rates, neutron stars support electric currents sufficient for magnetic fields of up to 100 million tesla.

2016-07-06: Juno to Reveal Jupiter's Violent Past

  • 01:52: The conductivity of metallic hydrogen is thought to result in the enormous electric currents that produce Jupiter's prodigious magnetic field.
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