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2022-07-27: How Many States Of Matter Are There?

  • 03:29: A state of matter defines how these various average properties relate to each other.
  • 03:34: It defines what we call the equation of state.

2022-04-27: How the Higgs Mechanism Give Things Mass

  • 05:24: ... isospin and hypercharge are tightly coupled,  and their combination defines electric charge.   Is it time to give up on this symmetry ...

2022-03-30: Could The Universe Be Inside A Black Hole?

  • 03:48: In a sense geodesics form the grid that defines the fabric of spacetime.

2022-03-23: Where Is The Center of The Universe?

  • 08:41: They’re the grid that defines the fabric of space time in general relativity, and correspond to the paths followed by light.

2022-03-16: What If Charge is NOT Fundamental?

  • 05:50: The conservation of fundamental properties defines which interactions are possible and which are impossible.

2022-02-10: The Nature of Space and Time AMA

  • 00:03: ... over time okay the scale factor increases some imaginary grid that defines what point in space is expands over time so that sense the the points ...

2021-07-21: How Magnetism Shapes The Universe

  • 05:03: This is the heliopause, the boundary of the heliosphere, which defines the limit of the Sun’s influence in the galaxy.

2021-07-07: Electrons DO NOT Spin

  • 12:44: ... results in profound differences in their behavior - it defines how they interact  with each other. Bosons, for example, are able ...

2021-06-23: How Quantum Entanglement Creates Entropy

  • 13:09: ... world from the quantum.   And, as an extra trick, it also defines the arrow of time which itself points in the direction ...

2021-06-16: Can Space Be Infinitely Divided?

  • 01:16: ... in quantum mechanics - it’s a fundamental constant of nature that defines the scale of the ...
  • 05:08: ... in   momentum. But it turns out that the Planck constant defines a new source of quantum   uncertainty that you can’t ever ...

2021-06-09: Are We Running Out of Space Above Earth?

  • 15:24: But the planck mass defines the mass of a black hole one Planck length in radius, and remember, black holes are massive!

2020-11-18: The Arrow of Time and How to Reverse It

  • 01:21: ... episode exploring why this breaking of time symmetry on the cosmic scale defines the experience of time that we experience in our own ...

2020-10-20: Is The Future Predetermined By Quantum Mechanics?

  • 06:34: A fast moving observer defines the present very differently to you.
  • 08:55: Each such web defines a set of properties of the universe correlated with some prior quantum decision.

2020-10-13: Do the Past and Future Exist?

  • 10:19: ... space beneath their future light cones defines all possible defines all possible definitions of the past to them. Just ...

2020-06-30: Dissolving an Event Horizon

  • 14:17: ... but they also have something called an interaction crosssection, which defines the probability of another particle interacting with the electron as a ...

2020-04-28: Space Time Livestream: Ask Matt Anything

  • 00:00: ... particular location in either the universe all the quantum multiverse defines what we see and so it's very important to take into account yeah I ...

2020-03-16: How Do Quantum States Manifest In The Classical World?

  • 01:48: ... dead cat - aren’t properties of the atoms. Rather, the information that defines these classical properties exists in the fantastically complex network ...
  • 05:32: ... spin of one particle - say the electron - my choice of measurement basis defines the spin of the positron. If I measure the electron in the vertical ...
  • 17:40: ... to one possible result of that measurement. And the wavefunction itself defines the probability of a given branch "collapsing". The Many Worlds ...

2020-02-24: How Decoherence Splits The Quantum Multiverse

  • 01:52: ... described by this wavefunction thing - it’s the mathematical object that defines the distribution of possible outcomes if you were to try to make a ...

2020-02-18: Does Consciousness Influence Quantum Mechanics?

  • 02:58: That probability wave defines the location of the electron at any point IF you try to measure it.

2019-12-09: The Doomsday Argument

  • 01:48: ... a quick refresher: the cosmological constant defines the amount of dark energy, which is the stuff causing the expansion of ...

2019-11-18: Can You Observe a Typical Universe?

  • 10:08: ... it he defines, although doesn’t invent, the self-sampling assumption, which states that ...

2019-10-07: Black Hole Harmonics

  • 03:22: ... called the fundamental mode – it’s usually the strongest or loudest, and defines the note – middle-c, f-sharp, whatever - played by that ...

2019-06-06: The Alchemy of Neutron Star Collisions

  • 00:34: ... by the number of protons in the nucleus neutron number is variable and defines the isotope of the elements the r-process produces only Neutron rich ...

2019-05-09: Why Quantum Computing Requires Quantum Cryptography

  • 04:58: Polarization defines the direction that its electric and magnetic fields … wave.

2019-04-10: The Holographic Universe Explained

  • 08:05: A nice feature is that the changing the length of the strand – which defines the energy in the bond – doesn’t change the basic physics.

2019-04-03: The Edge of an Infinite Universe

  • 01:22: To review: the particle horizon defines the limit of the visible past, and there’s also cosmic event horizon defining the limit of the visible future.

2019-01-30: Perpetual Motion From Negative Mass?

  • 01:34: This is encapsulated in Newton’s second law, which defines the connection between the amount of force applied and the acceleration that results.
  • 03:08: ... actually pretty mysterious that the same property that defines the response to gravity also defines resistance to acceleration by all ...
  • 06:36: ... and more, change the geometry of spacetime and that new geometry defines the paths objects can ...

2018-10-18: What are the Strings in String Theory?

  • 06:22: These resonant frequencies depend on the length of the string, also its tension, which defines wave velocity and so relates frequency to wavelength.
  • 07:17: String length defines mass, but also defines which complex vibrational modes are possible.

2018-10-03: How to Detect Extra Dimensions

  • 08:14: ... fact, the 3-brane itself, which defines the three-dimensional structure on which our observable universe exists, ...

2018-09-20: Quantum Gravity and the Hardest Problem in Physics

  • 06:37: The uncertainty principle also defines the precision trade-off between time and energy.

2018-08-15: Quantum Theory's Most Incredible Prediction

  • 07:51: And the sum of the infinite possible interactions defines the strength of the one real interaction.

2018-07-25: Reversing Entropy with Maxwell's Demon

  • 04:06: ... defines how far a system is from thermal equilibrium, and it also defines the ...

2018-07-18: The Misunderstood Nature of Entropy

  • 06:58: The average distribution of individual particles in phase space defines the thermodynamic properties of the system.
  • 08:49: So the macrostate that defines thermodynamic equilibrium is, by definition, the one with the most microstates, which also means the maximum entropy.

2018-05-23: Why Quantum Information is Never Destroyed

  • 02:50: That would mean that the exact configuration of the universe at any point in time defines the exact configuration at any other point.

2018-04-04: The Unruh Effect

  • 02:26: ... light ray world lines backwards from our observer defines what we call the past light cone, the region of space-time that can have ...

2018-03-15: Hawking Radiation

  • 04:18: Horizons cut off access to certain modes of the quantum fields, disturbing the balance that defines the vacuum.

2017-12-20: Extinction by Gamma-Ray Burst

  • 08:26: It's the star's rotational axis that defines the direction of the jet.

2017-10-19: The Nature of Nothing

  • 05:45: This restriction defines the range of the fundamental forces.

2017-09-28: Are the Fundamental Constants Changing?

  • 02:54: ... speed of light defines the relationship between space and time, so is it even meaningful to ...

2017-09-20: The Future of Space Telescopes

  • 05:19: ... diffraction limit defines the best possible resolution of a telescope, and it gets smaller or ...

2017-08-30: White Holes

  • 09:29: This law defines the direction of the flow of time.

2017-07-07: Feynman's Infinite Quantum Paths

  • 01:27: ... but as a wave that fills the intervening space interacts with itself and defines the probability of that particle actually showing up at a given point on ...

2017-05-17: Martian Evolution

  • 11:55: I don't feel like it defines me.

2017-04-05: Telescopes on the Moon

  • 02:20: ... sensitivity, but when you're in space or on the moon, aperture size defines image ...
  • 02:34: The diffraction limit defines the smallest resolution a telescope can achieve and is inversely proportional to diameter.

2017-02-02: The Geometry of Causality

  • 02:35: But we want that intuition because, more than proper time, the spacetime interval defines the flow of causality.
  • 09:40: In fact, the nearest downhill contour defines the forward light cone for anyone anywhere on the spacetime diagram.

2016-12-08: What Happens at the Event Horizon?

  • 02:37: ... area encompassed by the so-called light-like paths defines all future events or space-time locations that we could potentially ...
  • 02:54: Our past light cone defines the region of the past universe that could potentially have influenced us.
  • 15:11: ... the wave does have a definite position at all times and that position defines its future ...

2016-11-30: Pilot Wave Theory and Quantum Realism

  • 00:55: ... are both waves and particles at the same time, the act of observation defines reality, cats are both alive and dead, or even that the universe is ...
  • 04:45: The wave defines a set of possible trajectories and the particle takes one of those trajectories.

2016-08-10: How the Quantum Eraser Rewrites the Past

  • 09:50: Perhaps the evolving tapestry of entanglement in all its impossible complexity is what really defines reality in this space time.

2016-07-06: Juno to Reveal Jupiter's Violent Past

  • 00:50: In fact, its effect during the first billion years of the solar system's formation defines the positions of all planetary orbits.

2016-06-22: Planck's Constant and The Origin of Quantum Mechanics

  • 00:03: ... episode is supported by "The Great Courses Plus." The Planck constant defines the size scale at which the familiar physics of our macroscopic reality ...
  • 01:54: So it also sort of defines a pixel scale to reality.
  • 01:59: In many ways, it defines the divisibility of the quantum world.
  • 03:37: This average frequency defines the color that we see.

2016-06-15: The Strange Universe of Gravitational Lensing

  • 12:16: The wave function that we calculate defines the probability that we will observe a particular set of physical properties.

2016-06-01: Is Quantum Tunneling Faster than Light?

  • 01:46: This de Broglie Wavelength defines how well determined an object's position is.

2016-04-13: Will the Universe Expand Forever?

  • 01:50: And it defines the shape, the curvature, of spacetime.

2016-03-30: Pulsar Starquakes Make Fast Radio Bursts? + Challenge Winners!

  • 04:10: By the way, the number that defines the size of the circle for electrons is called the Thomson scattering cross-section.

2016-01-27: The Origin of Matter and Time

  • 06:10: What defines that local time flow?
  • 09:01: But what defines the direction of the flow of time?

2016-01-13: When Time Breaks Down

  • 07:48: And what defines its direction?

2015-12-09: How to Build a Black Hole

  • 03:09: And it defines the volume that can be occupied by the strange matter in a neutron star.

2015-09-30: What Happens At The Edge Of The Universe?

  • 00:20: The universe defines all of space and time that exists.
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