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2022-10-12: The REAL Possibility of Mapping Alien Planets!

  • 14:06: ... distant worlds, brought into focus by our own Sun and its lens of curved spacetime. ...

2022-03-30: Could The Universe Be Inside A Black Hole?

  • 03:44: These are the straightest paths that can be taken through a curved spacetime.

2021-12-10: 2021 End of Year AMA!

  • 00:02: ... distant object whose light traveling through einstein's universe of curved space-time follow curvy paths and sometimes those curvy paths are deflected ...

2021-02-10: How Does Gravity Warp the Flow of Time?

  • 12:04: And I’ll show you exactly why that’s true real soon, when we explore the tangled connections between time and gravity in a curved spacetime.

2020-11-04: Electroweak Theory and the Origin of the Fundamental Forces

  • 14:51: ... start parallel from any trapped surface must converge in any positively curved spacetime. ...

2020-06-30: Dissolving an Event Horizon

  • 12:08: ... singularity, and the narrowing of the funnel represents extremely curved spacetime. ...

2019-03-20: Is Dark Energy Getting Stronger?

  • 15:02: ... then you'll want to check out the course: Black Holes, Tides, and Curved Spacetime: Understanding ...

2018-03-15: Hawking Radiation

  • 06:23: These can be used to approximate the effect of curved spacetime on quantum fields by smoothly connecting regions of flat space.

2016-12-08: What Happens at the Event Horizon?

  • 07:14: ... these light rays have further and further to travel through increasingly curved space-time and so the interval between receiving signals also ...

2016-06-15: The Strange Universe of Gravitational Lensing

  • 01:21: Here's our playlist on curved spacetime, time, if you want to go deep into this idea.
  • 03:46: The illusion results from our mind's eye projecting straight lines onto a curved spacetime.
  • 09:23: But look through a telescope at very distant galaxies, and all are brightened, shifted and warped by the weird lens of a curved spacetime.

2016-05-25: Is an Ice Age Coming?

  • 14:10: Curved spacetime changes things.

2016-05-18: Anti-gravity and the True Nature of Dark Energy

  • 11:48: Energy can be forever lost or gained from nothing within an expanding curved spacetime.

2015-08-05: What Physics Teachers Get Wrong About Tides!

  • 02:07: But curved spacetime will only add complexity without actually making things clearer.
  • 09:10: Last week, we finished our series on general relativity and curved spacetime.
  • 13:35: In the four-dimensional curved spacetime sense, you need to give something some kind of inherent, absolute 4D geometric meaning.

2015-07-29: General Relativity & Curved Spacetime Explained!

  • 00:08: If you haven't seen them then pause me now, go watch them in order, and meet me back here after the music to hear about curved spacetime.
  • 01:11: Today we're finally going to show how curved spacetime makes Einstein's model of the world just as self consistent as Newton's.

2015-07-15: Can You Trust Your Eyes in Spacetime?

  • 00:45: Eventually, we want to do the same thing in curved spacetime.
  • 00:47: However, tiny patches of curved spacetime don't look Euclidean.
  • 08:54: Chew on all that because it's our departure point for talking about curved spacetime in the next episode.
  • 09:03: I know it's a lot to take in, but you've got a week to mull it over before we plunge head-first into curved spacetime.

2015-07-02: Can a Circle Be a Straight Line?

  • 00:16: ... force, they're simply following straight line constant speed paths in a curved spacetime. ...
  • 01:02: ... the way around those objections is to realize that if the world is a curved spacetime, then the familiar meanings of terms like a constant velocity straight ...
  • 07:24: And 3D curved space isn't what explains away gravity, it's four dimensional curved spacetime.

2015-06-03: Is Gravity An Illusion?

  • 09:00: ... instead the world is a non-Euclidean and curved spacetime, then straight line at constant speed doesn't mean what you think it ...
  • 09:26: And one of the central precepts of general relativity is that we inhabit the curved spacetime.
  • 09:30: And in that curved spacetime, the orbit of the ISS is a constant-speed straight line.
  • 10:03: We'll reconvene next time our accelerated paths cross in curved spacetime.
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