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2019-07-25: Deciphering The Vast Scale of the Universe

  • 07:32: ... vast filaments, flowing together on rivers of dark matter to form the cosmic web, of which Laniakea is just a ...

2017-11-02: The Vacuum Catastrophe

  • 09:16: ... that have found this missing matter in the vast filaments of the cosmic web. ...
  • 10:07: A few of you asked how matter becomes or remains so hot in these gigantic filaments of the cosmic web.

2017-10-25: The Missing Mass Mystery

  • 05:27: It's the cosmic web.
  • 07:12: ... place for the missing baryons is the giant filaments that form the cosmic web stretching in between galaxy ...
  • 10:35: As those baryons fall into the dense nexuses of the cosmic web, they'll feed galaxies with material to form new stars.
  • 10:51: The stuff of countless future solar systems is still riding the cosmic web, falling in from the darkest reaches of space time.

2016-06-15: The Strange Universe of Gravitational Lensing

  • 07:06: We see that they encircle the vast strands and nexuses of dark matter that form the cosmic web, allowing us to understand its structure.
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