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2022-10-19: The Equation That Explains (Nearly) Everything!

  • 08:23: ... of that interaction, which we add to the kinetic term. Here we see a connection to the classical Lagrangian, with is kinetic and potential ...

2022-09-28: Why Is 1/137 One of the Greatest Unsolved Problems In Physics?

  • 12:55: ... hints at a connection between the other fundamental constants - perhaps pointing to an ...
  • 13:07: Or perhaps it hints at a deeper connection  between the properties of  the elementary particles, like the mass and charge of the electron.

2022-08-24: What Makes The Strong Force Strong?

  • 18:15: ... to be an intuitive picture of what’s happening, and has only a loose connection to the ...

2022-08-17: What If Dark Energy is a New Quantum Field?

  • 03:33: ... bigger and galaxies get further and further apart, their gravitational connection dilutes away, while dark energy just keeps pushing and pushing and ...

2022-08-03: What Happens Inside a Proton?

  • 12:15: ... couple quark-gluon field looks like this: a lattice of points with connections.   The points are the quark field and  the connections are the gluon ...

2022-07-20: What If We Live in a Superdeterministic Universe?

  • 10:24: ... if those connections produce sufficient correlations between Alice and Bob’s supposedly free ...
  • 12:04: Everything has a past causal connection with everything else.

2022-06-15: Can Wormholes Solve The Black Hole Information Paradox?

  • 11:25: ... the math stays different. The mere   possibility of a wormhole connection between our black hole and a bunch of its clones   is ...

2022-04-27: How the Higgs Mechanism Give Things Mass

  • 01:14: This allows the weak force to trespass  on the province of electromagnetism,   suggesting a connection between the two.
  • 01:21: This connection hints at a  unification of the forces of nature.
  • 04:37: ... this first pass at the weak  force is that it has absolutely no connection to   electromagnetism. Its bosons do have properties  ...

2022-04-20: Does the Universe Create Itself?

  • 05:27: ... not in the observer nor in the subject of observation, but rather in the connection between the two. One of the thought experiments that led Wheeler to his ...

2022-03-16: What If Charge is NOT Fundamental?

  • 04:33: But what exactly was the connection between isospin and electric charge?
  • 10:39: Only left-handed particles have it, and so it has an intimate connection to the quantum spin.

2022-02-10: The Nature of Space and Time AMA

  • 00:03: ... there's loop quantum gravity which imagines these highly abstract connections between these more um fundamental entities uh which themselves are ...

2022-01-27: How Does Gravity Escape A Black Hole?

  • 10:06: ... the curvature of spacetime or by virtual gravitons, we maintain a causal connection to the mass that generated that gravitational ...

2021-12-20: What Happens If A Black Hole Hits Earth?

  • 19:14: ... to the correctness of the fuzzball model on account of the fact that the connection between multi-dimensional cats, hairballs and black holes can’t possibly ...

2021-11-10: What If Our Understanding of Gravity Is Wrong?

  • 06:57: Now those two are connected, but some believe  that their connection shouldn’t be so perfect to give the extremely tight Tully-Fisher law.

2021-09-21: How Electron Spin Makes Matter Possible

  • 03:46: ... of the belt buckle as a particle - say an electron - and the belt is its connection to whatever - the universe, or to maybe another electron. Now rotate the ...

2021-07-07: Electrons DO NOT Spin

  • 13:49: ... time we talked about the connection between  quantum entanglement and entropy - this was a heady topic ...
  • 16:45: ... may have correlated  thermodynamic properties due to their mutual connection to the outside. In the early universe, the extreme expansion of cosmic ...

2021-06-23: How Quantum Entanglement Creates Entropy

  • 02:48: ... configurations. Hence, entropy increases. Here we can start to see the connection between entropy and information.   If all the air is in a corner of ...
  • 03:45: ... it took the invention of information theory to really see the connection between information and entropy. It was Claude Shannon   who ...
  • 05:55: ... In fact it’s   driven by entanglement - this mysterious connection between quantum particles that Einstein called   “spooky action at a ...
  • 16:39: ... grid is not a grid of space at   all - it’s a grid of abstract connections between points. Space emerges only on larger ...

2021-03-16: The NEW Crisis in Cosmology

  • 13:30: ... for the last two episodes,   in which we explored the connection between gravity, light, and the flow of ...
  • 16:28: ... Kerruish and clearnightsky saw the  Feynman connection also - pointing out   the Huygen's principle feels like ...

2021-03-09: How Does Gravity Affect Light?

  • 00:13: So what is the true connection between light and gravity, or is truth, in fact, entirely relative?

2021-02-10: How Does Gravity Warp the Flow of Time?

  • 02:30: There’s a deep connection between gravity and time - gravitational fields seem to slow the pace of time in what we call gravitational time dilation.
  • 12:04: And I’ll show you exactly why that’s true real soon, when we explore the tangled connections between time and gravity in a curved spacetime.

2020-12-15: The Supernova At The End of Time

  • 12:54: ... episode explored that connection - memory can be thought of as resulting from the increase in ...

2020-12-08: Why Do You Remember The Past But Not The Future?

  • 09:25: So the key to understanding how our brains inherit the arrow of time lies in understanding the connection between entropy and correlation.
  • 10:06: Over time, connections and correlations were made as entropy grew.

2020-11-11: Can Free Will be Saved in a Deterministic Universe?

  • 02:12: We'll talk about that connection or lack thereof another time.
  • 02:15: But understanding the implications of quantum mechanics is key to unraveling determinism and its connection to predictability.
  • 03:34: ... matter that forms the brain and the ephemeral configuration of neural connections, synaptic strengths, and electrochemical dynamics from which we think ...

2020-08-10: Theory of Everything Controversies: Livestream

  • 00:00: ... i'm really looking forward to doing as much battle as our internet connections uh will allow with sabine my friend and colleague because i think ...

2020-07-28: What is a Theory of Everything: Livestream

  • 00:00: ... they have to have something to do with each other there has to be some connection there and maybe it happens much much before this energy but that's ...

2020-06-30: Dissolving an Event Horizon

  • 12:00: Then the third dimension is just a way to represent the strength of the spatial curvature and the connections between different regions.

2020-03-03: Does Quantum Immortality Save Schrödinger's Cat?

  • 03:54: After 300 microseconds the connection between poison and polonium is cut, and the experiment is over.

2020-02-24: How Decoherence Splits The Quantum Multiverse

  • 13:55: There’s a lot more to discuss - including the connection to quantum entanglement and to entropy.

2020-02-18: Does Consciousness Influence Quantum Mechanics?

  • 08:09: ... Pauli was perhaps the first to assert the connection, and his influence may have started the development of the Copenhagen ...
  • 10:13: Those founders did question the role of consciousness and the connection between subjective and objective reality - and they were right to do so.

2020-01-13: How To Capture Black Holes

  • 13:26: ... natural selection hypothesis doesn't really define the ongoing connection between the initial black hole and the universe it spawns. That new ...

2019-11-04: Why We Might Be Alone in the Universe

  • 06:25: This results in shifting connections between ecosystems.
  • 12:30: A few of you wondered if there's a connection between the loops of loop quantum gravity and the closed strings of string theory.

2019-10-21: Is Time Travel Impossible?

  • 04:41: ... are a number of ways they might – from connections between universes in the interiors of black holes to miniscule wormholes ...

2019-10-15: Loop Quantum Gravity Explained

  • 07:16: ... rabbit hole - past our space of metrics into a space of something called connections. ...
  • 07:29: And these connections are going to give us our loops.
  • 07:33: Connections are mathematical functions that tell you how something, like a vector, changes as it moves between two points in a space.
  • 07:58: ... connections contain all the information about spacetime, them maybe we can represent ...
  • 08:07: In the 1950s Einstein himself tried to rewrite general relativity in terms of these parallel transport vector connections, but the result was a mess.
  • 08:20: ... came in the 80s when Abey Ashketar tried a different type of connection: one in which you parallel transport not a vector but something called a ...
  • 09:04: ... equation by representing spatial metrics using Ashketar's spin connections. ...
  • 09:22: They evaluated these connections over closed loops – so each point connected back to itself.

2019-08-26: How To Become an Astrophysicist + Challenge Question!

  • 00:00: ... was amazing I was using the Hubble Space Telescope to help unravel the connection between quasars and galaxies As many others also found the two evolved ...

2019-08-19: What Happened Before the Big Bang?

  • 10:04: ... are also deep possible connections between inflation and string theory and with the holographic principle, ...

2019-06-17: How Black Holes Kill Galaxies

  • 01:35: ... mass Because of all of this, the tightness of the Black Hole-Galaxy connection has been a decades-long conundrum that still is not solved But one of ...
  • 10:49: ... Dead galaxies harbor fossil quasars supermassive Black Holes whose close connection to their surrounding galaxy is a clue incriminating evidence suggest a ...

2019-01-30: Perpetual Motion From Negative Mass?

  • 01:34: This is encapsulated in Newton’s second law, which defines the connection between the amount of force applied and the acceleration that results.

2019-01-16: Our Antimatter, Mirrored, Time-Reversed Universe

  • 10:54: ... and antimatter then there's the whole entropy business although it's connection to quantum mechanics is still not well understood like I said this ...

2018-12-06: Did Life on Earth Come from Space?

  • 00:37: ... the media gives to these sorts of Fringe ideas regardless of their connection to reality is it harmful or is any public exposure to science good it ...

2018-11-14: Supersymmetric Particle Found?

  • 01:59: ... well as fixing the hierarchy problem, this connection between fermions and bosons is, in general, a step towards unifying the ...

2018-11-07: Why String Theory is Right

  • 14:14: ... in quantum mechanics, the idea of virtual particles and their tenuous connection to ...

2018-10-18: What are the Strings in String Theory?

  • 13:35: ... about your own family and ancestry, a discovery that can lead to new connections with ...

2018-09-05: The Black Hole Entropy Enigma

  • 01:21: It was while pondering that conflict that Jacob Bekenstein realized an incredible connection between black holes and thermodynamics.
  • 05:49: ... violation of the second law that got Jacob Bekenstein thinking about the connection between black holes and information in the first ...
  • 08:48: Bekenstein's connection between surface area and entropy could have been a coincidence, at least until Stephen Hawking came along.

2018-08-23: How Will the Universe End?

  • 03:09: But they'll have lost all connection with the greater universe before it ends.

2018-07-25: Reversing Entropy with Maxwell's Demon

  • 09:42: Claude Shannon, the father of information theory, was deeply inspired by the close connection between entropy and information.

2018-07-11: Quantum Invariance & The Origin of The Standard Model

  • 10:29: ... the greatest mystery here is not the nature of the quantum field nor the connection between symmetry and the fundamental forces, perhaps it's the fact that ...

2018-05-16: Noether's Theorem and The Symmetries of Reality

  • 00:49: The connection between conservation laws and symmetry is encapsulated in Noether's theorem.

2018-04-04: The Unruh Effect

  • 05:36: All parts of the universe beyond that horizon are out of causal connection with the Rindler observer as long as they continue to accelerate.

2018-01-31: Kronos: Devourer Of Worlds

  • 01:02: However, if the gravitational connection between a pair of stars is strong enough, they might be ejected from the cluster as a binary pair.

2018-01-17: Horizon Radiation

  • 01:24: It limits an observer's causal connection to a part of the universe.

2017-07-26: The Secrets of Feynman Diagrams

  • 03:08: ... with an arrow pointing in, an arrow pointing out, and a single photon connection. ...

2017-07-12: Solving the Impossible in Quantum Field Theory

  • 06:50: It turns out that the probability amplitude of a particular interaction depends on the number of connections, or vertices, in the diagram.

2017-03-15: Time Crystals!

  • 06:30: If the connections between the spins of the ions become too strong, then a wormhole forms and sends your graduate students back to the Paleocene era.

2017-01-11: The EM Drive: Fact or Fantasy?

  • 06:49: So the last part of the paper talks about a connection between the EmDrive and pilot wave theory.

2016-12-14: Escape The Kugelblitz Challenge

  • 03:41: Any observers within this extended event horizon are cut off from any future causal connection with the rest of the universe.

2016-12-08: What Happens at the Event Horizon?

  • 14:09: The answer is simple, there was nothing useful to say on that connection.
  • 14:38: ... connection is extremely speculative, and honestly I wondered whether pilot wave ...

2016-06-08: New Fundamental Particle Discovered?? + Challenge Winners!

  • 05:52: Bookmaker talks about the connection between solar activity and Earth's climate.

2016-03-02: What’s Wrong With the Big Bang Theory?

  • 08:19: But its edges are thrown way out of causal connection.

2016-01-27: The Origin of Matter and Time

  • 08:14: Those interactions which proceed by causal connections.

2016-01-13: When Time Breaks Down

  • 00:09: ... episode now, because today we're going to go even deeper and explore the connection between matter, motion, and the nature of ...

2015-10-07: The Speed of Light is NOT About Light

  • 00:51: Causal connections give us the only ordering of events that all observers will agree on.
  • 04:04: How do we unravel that connection?

2015-09-30: What Happens At The Edge Of The Universe?

  • 01:49: It's the current instantaneous distance to the most distant part of the universe that could possibly have a causal connection to us.

2015-07-02: Can a Circle Be a Straight Line?

  • 08:12: ... White Christmas in order to discuss the calendar, the seasons, and their connection to Earth's ...
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