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2022-12-08: How Are Quasiparticles Different From Particles?

  • 00:12: But the only elementary particle actually flowing in the circuit are the negatively charged electrons.
  • 03:32: ... gaps in the underfilled valence shells - so we have flowing positively charged electron holes and a p-type ...
  • 10:50: At the same time, the negatively charged electrons in a metal lattice attract the positive nuclei.

2021-09-15: Neutron Stars: The Most Extreme Objects in the Universe

  • 05:48: ... iron nuclei in a process called electron capture. The negatively charged electrons   merge with positively charged protons to  produce neutrons. In this ...

2018-10-10: Computing a Universe Simulation

  • 13:15: But that's radio, which can interact strongly with the rare charged electrons and protons in intergalactic space.

2018-07-04: Will A New Neutrino Change The Standard Model?

  • 05:05: ... example, both left and right chiral negatively charged electrons have their own positively charged antimatter particles, which are right ...

2017-08-10: The One-Electron Universe

  • 03:58: ... example, if a negatively charged electron is moving to the left, it produces some current, I. Then, an electron ...

2017-07-26: The Secrets of Feynman Diagrams

  • 05:04: Similarly, if a photon creates a negatively charged electron, it must also create a positively charged positron.
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