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2017-08-16: Extraterrestrial Superstorms

  • 02:26: So as air rushes in all directions into a low-pressure storm cell, the Coriolis effect causes it to curl around in a circle.

2015-05-06: Should the First Mars Mission Be All Women?

  • 07:56: I agree it has slow RPMs and low Coriolis effects, but it only has 0.7 earth Gs, which might be intentional.
  • 08:10: And Watchit1337 supplied numbers for the "Gundam" ships, which if right, I agree would produce minimal Coriolis effects.
  • 09:11: But in the short term, the Coriolis effects are a lot more significant.
  • 09:33: ... a motorcycle at a pretty fast clip but doesn't seem to have any weird Coriolis effects. ...
  • 09:43: The reason is that if he's driving along the axis of the space station, there would be no Coriolis effects.
  • 09:47: The Coriolis effects would only be there if you move along the rim, not along the axis.

2015-04-29: What's the Most Realistic Artificial Gravity in Sci-Fi?

  • 03:56: That apparent departure from straight line motion in rotating reference frames is called the Coriolis effect.
  • 04:40: On the rotating ship, standing up would therefore make your head want to curve forward from the Coriolis effect, knocking you over.
  • 04:57: ... given its small radius and high rotation rate, it ends up sweeping major Coriolis effect under the rug, especially the part where Poole would be constantly ...
  • 05:31: ... rotational velocity would be small enough that, just like on Earth, Coriolis effects would only be noticeable at very high ...
  • 05:45: There would be no Coriolis effects sideways.
  • 06:10: So bigger is better for reducing the Coriolis effect.
  • 06:34: The Coriolis effect at such RPMs would be undetectable in ordinary human activity.
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